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In this day and age, we as naturopaths and naturopaths also have to rethink our approach and tailor our services to our clients.

Time and again I receive requests for special therapies and detoxification programmes that have surprised me and given me food for thought.

As a detoxification expert, I have been successfully detoxifying people with alcohol, drug and medication addiction since 1995. Find out more at CLEAN AND FREE THERAPY

Recently, I have been increasingly confronted with the controversial Covid vaccination and its fatal side effects.

I did a lot of research and found what I was looking for. I have now summarised all the information and tips in a special personal detox protocol. It is possible to remove all toxins as well as graphene oxide and spike proteins from the body. However, you shouldn't wait too long because we don't know what the spike hormones really do. You should think carefully about whether you want to have the second or third vaccination. Please inform yourself in the alternative media, because they report honestly about the side effects. It is now clear that even vaccinated people can contract Covid-19 and pass it on! So why this mRNA vaccination? Is it a vaccination at all? What exactly is behind it?

 Even vaccinated people can repair some of the damage to their health!



Would you like to rid yourself of toxic substances* after the Covid vaccination?

Or have you had chemotherapy and need to get rid of the side effects of the cytostatics that are still affecting you?

Perhaps you had an MRI with the toxic resonance fluid gadolinium (Gd) *** that you want to get rid of quickly?

Our special detox programme helps reliably and quickly.




We are specialists when it comes to the elimination of mercury. Amalgam fillings are dangerous, the mercury vaporises and gets into the brain and body cells, causing permanent damage to health.

This is a fact today and cannot be discussed. Ask us, we will be happy to help you.

 We work closely with our dentist in Gozo/Malta.

If you would like to start treatment, please contact

 Dr. Josef Xuereb, Savina Clinic .



 Are you looking for a competent detoxification of heavy metals and toxins on a natural basis?





* Rapid detoxification of graphene oxide, spike proteins and magnetism in humans (HuMagnetism) Graphene oxide not only causes body magnetism, it can become much more dangerous when 5G comes along. 5G is currently still in trial operation in many countries, but when full power is available soon, you should no longer have graphene oxide in your body.

** These drugs inhibit the growth, division and thus the proliferation of cancer cells. The technical term for these drugs is cytostatics, which translates roughly as "cell inhibitors". Long-term effects can also occur after chemotherapy: Cardiotoxicity (harmful effects of substances contained in chemotherapies that affect the heart), pulmonary toxicity, neurotoxicity, graft-versus-host reaction or infertility.

*** Doctors assumed that gadolinium is excreted unchanged via the kidneys within a few hours of ingestion. However, gadolinium can still be detected in the body up to one and a half years after administration in some people - in the skin, bones and also in the brain.





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