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DETOX-EUROPE - healthier by detoxing!



Substanzen der toxischen Impfung beseitigen!Substanzen der toxischen Impfung beseitigen!

The time is currently characterised by panic and fear. There are completely opposing opinions on vaccination and its side effects. We have analysed the acute, vaccinated cases. Many scientists have provided us with the latest findings. We can clearly say that the vaccination is toxic in any case, the ingredients have been tested little or not at all, and nobody needs to have something like this in their body. We have been detoxifying them intensively and gently using our tried and tested method since 1995.





CLEAN AND FREE THERAPY was founded in Switzerland in 1995. I worked closely with the Zurich judicial authorities and the Swiss social services. Thanks to my clients at that time, this method became very successful in the ultimate release from addiction. To this day, I have continued to develop and perfect this method.

The result is a gentle addiction relief for alcohol, drug and medication addiction. It is now only offered in a ONE to ONE setting in order to achieve optimum treatment success.





Erschöpfung - Depression - Burnout

Depression - BurnoutDepression - Burnout

When the career ladder becomes a hamster wheel, when you are exhausted and depressed, then your hormones are going crazy! Your blood gives it away

Burnout is a very topical issue. If the boundaries between work and private life become increasingly blurred, if you no longer know what relaxation and leisure feel like, then the constant pressure of work has trapped you.

In our treatment weeks, we counteract this and provide you with the most important existential amino acids to make you fit and productive again.






Warum heilt hochfrequente Strahlung?

Nicola Tesla hat schon in den 1920 er Jahren festgestellt, dass hochfrequente Strahlung heilen kann, als er mit verschiedenen Konstruktionen seiner Tesla-Spule experimentierte. Je nach Frequenz und Energiedichte konnte er verschiedene physiologische Effekte feststellen. Nicola Tesla vermutete, dass der menschliche Körper wie ein Kondensator arbeitet und in der Lage sei, elektrische Energie zu akkumulieren.


Unser DETOX und HEALTH CARE CENTRE hilft Ihnen gesund zu werden - und zu bleiben!


Das DETOX-Centre  von HOFFMANN medical consulting & coaching in Ix-Xewkija bietet verschiedene Wellness-Angebote für Körper, Geist und Seele:































































































































































































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