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CLEAN AND FREE® is a science-based, holistic, bio-chemical and bio-energetic short-term treatment concept for substance-related addictions such as alcohol, drugs or medication.

It works on the physical level without the delivery of toxic drugs. 


coaching addiction liberation directly from the developer of this (r)evolutionary method!



Prof. acad. Hans R. Le-Hoffmann

Our addiction recovery centre is completely different from conventional addiction clinics. We only treat one client at a time in our treatment centre - with absolute discretion, in a cosy, unique, Gozitan farmhouse.

The term addiction treatment centre has a very special meaning for us.

We work according to the latest findings in neuroscience, epigenetics, biochemistry and quantum physics.

As a basis, TCM treatment and the NLP method have proven themselves for decades.

It goes without saying that we meet the highest standards of privacy and data protection.


Yours, Hans R. Hoffmann


The course of your exclusive individual treatment to free yourself from alcohol/drugs addiction.

Hans R. Le-Hoffmann personally accompanies you with his team during your entire stay to help you overcome your tormenting addiction problems. He is always at your side to ensure that the treatment week is an absolute success for you!

On arrival:

Welcome by Hans R. Hoffmann himself and his team. A welcome snack/lunch/dinner is taken together to get to know each other.

You move into your room, freshen up and get to know the Farmhouse and its special features.


Later, they take an intensive anamnesis with Hans R. Le-Hoffmann to check everything that is important for their freedom from addiction.

You take the first important measurements of your body energy and we check the general condition of your body, look at where you are deficient in order to correct this as quickly as possible. You answer the first important questions in order to say goodbye to your old addiction patterns in record time. Let us surprise you.



Providing the brain and body with optimal amounts of endogenous substances, i.e. amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, macronutrients as well as other naturally occurring metabolically active substances.

Since our emotions are basically also results of chemical processes in the brain and body, the restoration of deficits and imbalances is an important basis for the recovery of holistic health.




Now they immediately start with a Detox and CES session. During this treatment, Hans Le-Hoffmann explains the Detox treatment, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2013, and its mode of action in connection with cranial electrical stimulation, with the help of which the body's own messenger substances/transmitters (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine) are released.

The limbic system, which has been paralysed by years of alcohol consumption, is now stimulated again in a turbulent way.



Then you will learn about the magnetic field treatment and the Brainwaves. These two treatment tools activate and reprogram your body and brain cells at turbo speed.  An electromagnetic field is generated via a magnetic coil, which is received by the body as a signal. The pulsating magnetic fields set the cells of the diseased body into natural oscillation, improve oxygen uptake and increase the energy metabolism in the diseased cells. All other applications thus also have a greater degree of effectiveness, as the body's cells are programmed to heal.




It's SPA time at the Farmhouse.

While your delicious lunch/dinner is being prepared in the kitchen, you can recover from the treatment tools. They start with an individual sauna session, shower and jump into the cool pool.

Afterwards they enjoy a Hexagonal Power Drink in our Jacuzzi with 38 degree hot water.

This tool is important to further stimulate the body to detoxify while still shutting down a little.



Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, our kitchen will spoil you daily with delicious, freshly prepared dishes.

The menu is individually tailored to your personal needs and tastes.

We deliberately avoid sugar and carbohydrates so that your body can quickly recover from the damage caused by your addictive behaviour and/or toxic medication.

At all meals, you will be served a hexagonal water with fresh herbs to get your body cells going again in record time.



After the lunch break, depending on the day, Hans R. Le-Hoffmann will be waiting for you to do some work that will bring your MindSet a little bit into disarray and realign it.

Depending on how you feel and which issues need to be addressed, there may also be energetic quantum work.

Hans R. Hoffmann specialises in energetic medicine and quantum physics in action.


Now the causes of their addictive patterns no longer have a chance, step by step new behavioural and thinking patterns are now installed so that they can finally say goodbye to their addictive behaviour.


Quantum physics in action with Hans Hoffmann will shake up your entire body energy.

All levels of the personality will be specifically interrogated and directly freed from all stressors.

Everything is immediately uncovered and erased by means of a kinesiological test. Don't worry, you don't have to answer any questions, your subconscious will do everything for you.

You will be amazed at what Quantum Clearing™ can do. Experience the tremendous power of quantum energy immediately at work.


To round off the day, we will be happy to show you various films for your information. This will give you an impression of everything that has gone into the CLEAN AND FREE®.

Learn about Dr. Bruce Lipton's epigenetics, marvel at the simplicity of various techniques in Dr. Joe Dispenza's seminar, which we have also been using for decades.

This is by no means about esotericism, but about scientific findings that are unfortunately withheld so that the pharmaceutical industry can continue to earn billions undisturbed.





Exercise is also taken care of. Didi will accompany you on a mountain bike tour, depending on the weather and your personal form, and show you the most beautiful places on the island.


But canoeing in the sunshine or climbing is also on our programme. Let yourself be challenged a little bit and overcome your fears and your inner pig dog. After all, you want to change your life!


The HoffmannCentre has a rowing machine that you can/should use every day! 



Later in the afternoon, they get body therapy from our expert Karen.

Sometimes gentle and sometimes intense, as your body needs it, you will be treated professionally.


The massage supports detoxification and your general well-being.

After the massage you will rest for an hour to let the healing energies take effect.

This special body therapy will revitalise the entire body, you will experience it.




Depending on the treatment programme you have booked, there is also a wide range of alternative therapy tools to help your body regenerate quickly.


All treatment's tools are scientifically proven and have been successfully used in our CLEAN AND FREE® METHOD for almost three decades.


In addition, you can enjoy our secret treatment's tools, which we do not publish. Because these methods account for our treatment success of over 90%.

This makes us proud and gives us the energy to get better and better!



 FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS, there is still a free online coaching after the inpatient treatment on Gozo. For 100 days, you will receive important coaching messages on your smartphone every day!

Important! These messages facilitate the integration of everything you have learned with us. It serves the integration into your personal everyday life.

If you implement everything in the hundred days, you will have an addiction-free life. GUARANTEED!

This is what our experience of the last 27 years shows. 


Our prices: (without hidden additional costs)

ATTENTION! You book the complete Hoffmann Centre for yourself! There are no other patients/clients!

7 days Basic Detox Treatment for alcohol withdrawal (plus 2 days arrival/departure) total 9 days

including: Transfer Airport-Farmhouse-Airport/ Accommodation/Full Board/All Detox-Treatments/Sauna/Jacuzzi/Outdoor Coaching/One-to-One Coaching/All Vitamins and Amino Acids/ 24h Live-In Therapist/Massage/ 100 Days Online Coaching/

€ 9.950,- per person


10 days Premium Detox Treatment for drug and medication detoxification (plus 2 days arrival-departure) total 12 days

including transfer airport-farmhouse-airport/accommodation/full board/all Detox-Treatments/High-Fregency Treatments/Tesla Osszilator/Sauna/Jacuzzi/Outdoor Coaching/All Vitamins and Amino Acids/
24h Live-In Therapist/Massage/ 100 days Online Coaching/ 2 Zoom live talks a 60 minutes to follow up the addiction recovery/

€ 14.950,- per person



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